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Optical Shop Services

Marion Eye Center Optical

Marion Eye Center Optical (at our Marion location only) always offers uncompromised quality at affordable prices.  As well, we pass along special pricing on certain items as manufacturers run specials on both frames and lenses.  These special offers are normally updated monthly on

our website.

What Do You Find at Marion Eye Center Optical?

Marion Eye Center Optical, through its joint venture with Vision Associates, sets itself apart from other optical shops by offering:

  • Knowledgeable and caring fully-licensed opticians that take pride in creating the best solution to your eye wear needs.

  • Hundreds of in-stock designer and budget frames to choose from for the best fit and look.

  • The latest technology lenses and accessories to complement any lifestyle.

  • Vision Service Plan (VSP) and EyeMED insurance coverage for your glasses and exam (if insured)

For over 25 years, Marion Eye Center has continually provided the best products at the most affordable prices.  The best opticians, the best frames, the best optical lenses, the best guarantee around, all at affordable prices.

Come visit us for

Summer Sale 2024

Our largest and most popular sale

Full-Pair discounts of 25-50%

June 4-5, 2024

Please stop by our Marion office any time during business hours or call for an appointment today (740)-389-5418.

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Our Fully-Licensed Opticians
Ramona Collins, LDO

Ramona received her opticians license in 2007. She joined Marion Eye Centers optical department in January 2022. Ramona brings a great deal of experience from her prior optical positions. She has participated in a medical mission to Jamaica to dispense eyewear to children in need. If you want solid advice on both traditional and trendy products, talk to Ramona when you visit Marion Eye Center.

Diana Lothes, LDO

Diana received her optician’s license in 1991. She is a member of the Optician’s Association of Ohio and has participated in medical missions to Jamaica to dispense eyewear to children in need.  She joined Marion Eye Center’s Optical Department in 2017 after managing other optical facilities in the Marion area. Diana has helped to transform the services we offer to include VSP and EyeMED insurance plans, and she has broadened the selection of products we offer to include the most modern brands and lens types.  If you want the most up to date products and experienced advice, talk with Diana when you visit Marion Eye Center.


Glasses come from many vendors. With each vendor there are differences.  Marion Eye Center Optical is different as well. We consider glasses as important as any treatment, medicine or surgery.  Their quality and accuracy determines the ease of activities each and every day for the patient.  So, while we do offer frames, lenses and coatings from expensive to inexpensive, all our glasses are of uncompromising quality. As you consider your next pair of glasses, consider shopping with us and seeing why we should be your one and only source for glasses. ​

Types Of Glasses

Distance Glasses

Basic glasses for near or farsightedness are an important part of a person's daily life.  Quality lenses, edge treatment, proper centering and distancing of lenses in the frame are all critical to keep details and life's events in focus and enjoyable.

Lined Bifocal

Not everyone prefers newer technology that has moved most wearers into progressive, no-line bifocals.  Whether advanced technology, or traditional, lined bifocals, quality fit, centering, and height adjustments are critical for glasses to be helpful instead of troublesome.

Progressive ("no-line") Bifocal Glasses

All progressive lenses are not the same.  There are progressive lenses that distort, but are cheap, and there are progressive lenses that are expensive, but no better than others costing less.  You need good guidance to make the most of your money when purchasing these lenses. Shopping for progressive lenses is more than just sampling price-points.  A careful consideration of the many options and lens-types will guide your choice and determine whether such lenses will be a frustration or beneficial.

Prescription or Stock Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just something we use when Summer rolls around.  Instead, they are protection against future changes to vision. To us, sunglasses are certainly fashionable and helpful in controlling the brightness of the sun and surroundings, but further, they are protective against eye diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration.  As sunglasses are chosen, we incorporate recommendations for your eye's heath in addition to fashion.

Contact Lenses

A contact lens is a thin, curved disk which floats on the surface of the eye (cornea), providing vision correction. With advances in optical technology, almost everyone now can wear contact lenses, regardless the type or extent of their vision correction needs.  Hard contact lenses range from rigid discs to soft, from distance only to bifocal, and from spherical to astigmatic correcting.

At Marion Eye Center Optical we partner with our local optometric colleagues to aid with the fitting of specialty and difficult contact lenses.  If you simply want the best vision, fit and feel for a contact lens, or if you have had troubles with contact lenses and the comfort you experience when wearing them, ask to see one of our doctors today. 

Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are intended to be thrown out and replaced after you've worn them for the day. They are even easier to maintain than regular soft contacts because they require no cleaning or disinfecting. Daily disposable lenses are also a very healthy option since any bacteria that forms on the lens during the course of the day is disposed of that night and a fresh, clean lens is used the following morning.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGP)

Not as in vogue as soft lenses these contact lenses still serve their purpose as being superior for some focusing problems of the eye.  Your doctor can determine whether RGP lenses will be the most suitable and give you the best vision possible.

Toric Lenses

Toric contact lenses are designed to correct for astigmatism. For those patients with astigmatism, part of the cornea has an oblong shape, which can make it difficult to achieve clear vision with a typical soft contact lens. Toric lenses have two different powers of correction in order to maximize vision and accommodate the astigmatism. They are available in a variety of forms, including daily, weekly and monthly disposables, as well as with colored options.

Progressive Toric Lenses

Progressive toric contact lenses are a variant of toric lenses that not only correct astigmatism, but also vision problems due to presbyopia. Presbyopia is a natural change in the ability of our eyes to focus that occurs to most people as they age. Presbyopia causes small or close-up objects to appear blurry. Progressive toric lenses offer multiple powers of correction all in one lens to provide sharp vision at a range of distances to those with astigmatism.

All contact lenses require a prescription and ongoing examinations to prevent long-term complications.

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