• Dr. Steven Kirkham

New Certification For All Technicians At Marion Eye Center

Marion Eye Center is completing the final steps and certifying all technicians that assist with patient care. Upon initial employment, all are technicians undergo a basic orientation course to eye care and assisting therein. After 6 months of apprenticeship under certified technicians, each technician is required to then enter a training course for full certification by Joint Commission on Allied Personnel in Ophthalmology (JACHPO). We have found that certification provides confidence on the part of our ophthalmic technicians. It also provides certainty from the patient’s standpoint that measurements and information gathered are accurate and appropriate to assist the doctor in decision making and rendering treatments. Many practices elsewhere do not require such certification, but we will continue to require this of each of our employees that are involved in direct patient care. As treatment becomes more often shared between doctors and employees that extend the ability of physicians to care for an increasing number of patients, certification and proper ongoing education becomes more important in health care today.