• Dr. Steven Kirkham

More Advanced Technology Cataract Implants

There are several different intraocular lenses available to help patients achieve the best possible results from his or her cataract surgery. In the past, cataract surgery only utilized monofocal lenses, which focus only on objects near or far. These lenses could not focus on both far and near. Patients with monofocal lenses therefore still rely on glasses after surgery most all the time in order to see clearly at all distances (especially for reading).

Today, multifocal lifestyle implant lenses (such as the “ReStor” lens) allow for good vision correction at near, intermediate and far distances, greatly reducing the need for eyeglasses after cataract surgery. The multifocal lens we employ at Marion Eye Center also corrects and sharpens vision more completely that a standard monofocal implant by including correction of any astigmatism. Offering the most advanced options in cataract surgery is consistent with Marion Eye Center’s ongoing philosophy of providing the best technology available to achieve the best visual results for our patients.