• Dr. Steven Kirkham

Glaucoma - New Advancements You Should Know

In the area of glaucoma, there have been several advancements recently. Some of these advancements provide additional treatment options prior to proceeding with surgery if glaucoma is uncontrolled. 2 methods of controlling glaucoma short of having actual surgery include small implanted devices that allow easier release of pressure from the eye. These devices, called MIG S, are variable in where they are placed and how they are shaped. In all cases, they do allow an enhanced pathway for pressure to be released from the eye and better control glaucoma.

In addition to MIG S, there is an additional treatment for glaucoma that removes a small section of microscopic tissue that, in glaucoma patients, does not allow easy enough release of pressure. The removal of the small section of tissue is called a goniotomy and is performed with a newer, special, safer instrument. MIG S devices can be implanted if cataract surgery is necessary to perform simultaneously. If that is not necessary for the patient, goniotomy can be performed on its own.

These additional methods to control glaucoma short of conventional surgery provide safe alternatives for patients who do not respond fully to drops or do not tolerate them or have trouble affording them. The options for glaucoma continue to expand and we will keep you informed of new methods of treatment as they become available.